Undercroft is a translation and continuation of the Graduate Collection by Mai-Gidah. The collection marks a step forward for the designer, developing up his work to signify a darker mood and even more elaborate research. Both the materials and manufacturing are fully sourced in Europe, ranging from Belgium, Portugal, Italy and the UK.



MAIGIDAH's picture

Ali is based in London, United Kingdom. He studied at Academy of Fine Arts, St Niklaas (Belgium) and graduated in 2012. His collections are produced in United Kingdom.

“I want to place old accepted ways of dressing men next to less traditional ways of dressing the modern man.” This is how the designer Alec Ali Abdulrahim puts his vision into words. Born in Ghana and trained in Belgium, Alec’s work is typified by his search for an equilibrium between the contemporary and the classic. While trying to find new ways of cutting old patterns, Alec creates novel silhouettes, letting traditional ways of masculine dressing exist alongside modern men’s styles.
Alec launched his menswear label Mai-Gidah after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. The knowledge and techniques he gained there are complemented by his emotions and the memories he carries with him since his childhood and into his current travels. Alec’s experience as a youngster of being unable to find exactly what he wanted to wear was the impetus for his creative journey. From then on, his collections have reflected his environment and individual inner world. His journey from Accra, Ghana to London via Holland, Italy and Belgium, allowed his aesthetic to be influenced by European customs and codes in art, fashion and architecture. The differences in culture and the ways people respond to the world outside have introspectively led him to reflect on his own roots. As a designer, Alec honours the way garments used to be made. “I don’t want to manufacture mass-produced clothes. I want people to reminisce when they see my work, I want to evoke an emotion.” The integration of all these elements at the heart of Mai-Gidah: a label dedicated to craftsmanship and experiment with bold cuts, juxtaposed fabrics and refinement through elegant detail. Both the materials and manufacturing are fully sourced in Europe, ranging from Belgium, Portugal, Italy and the UK.


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