Jackie is based in New York, United States. She studied at Fashion Institute of Technology and graduated in 1998. Her collections are produced in United States.

Sewing since she was 8 as a daughter of a self-employed father, Jackie Hopson has always wanted to own her own business. She moved from Hawaii to New York City to further her skills at The Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied both Fashion and Accessories Design.
During her days as a Handbag Designer, she picked up a new hobby, pole dancing. It opened her eyes to a whole new world — one of love and appreciation for the female body. It allowed her to explore her love of design by playing with lines and shapes that flatter a woman’s bare body.
Each line is meticulously placed and labored after to make sure it does nothing but enhance and flatter. Hopson finds a lot of joy in knowing that her pieces help women remember how beautiful they are without changing a thing about themselves.
Hopson’s plans for the brand include adding intimate apparel (to actually cover “parts”), swimwear and accessories.


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