TAW is based in LONDON. She studied at Central Saint Martins / Marangoni / MMU.




The A/W13/14 collection is based on the story of 17th Century monarchy the monarchy of Queen Maria I of Portu

gal – also known as ‘Maria the Mad’. Different looks within the collection reflect stages in her life during her reign. Her Monarchy begins following a tsunami earthquake that hit Portugal. This is captured by the use of colour, shape and print that run through the collection. Maria’s mental deterioration began with the death of her husband, followed by the death of her son – both due to smallpox. Some pieces in this collection feature a print that was derived from a laboratory slide shot of the smallpox disease. Queen Maria was eventually diagnosed as mentally ill. What was inspiring through the creation of this collection was the irony, that what appears to be lavish and luxurious on the exterior, exists in contradiction with a heartbreaking interior. This drastic contrast between disaster, disease and luxury is reflected throughout the collection. This work was a means of amplifying a tragic story to become a piece of beauty.

TAW is based in LONDON. She studied at Central Saint Martins / Marangoni / MMU.


Taw is a contemporary luxury brand that focuses on feminine, forward thinking and wearable garments. Taw’s pieces take a novel approach with regard to cut and style. Taw clothing has an alter-ego which runs through the garments. The brand ethos centres itself around performing and storytelling. Each collection speaks a story, which cements the identity of the label. Taw emphasises on visual originality, which it delivers through innovative womenswear designs.


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