Thursday, 13 March, 2014

MUDAC – Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains
Pl. de la Cathédrale 6
CH – 1005 Lausanne


Couture Graphique is the first exhibition ever about fashion and graphic design; an exhibition that presents the communicative and decorative aspects of clothing and accessories as a means of communication.

The mission is to spread both the knowledge and the experience about visual culture and thus contribute to a society that is aware of the objects and means of communications. The aim is to inspire with new insights by showing, side by side, both the communicative power of this profession and the stimulating artistic aspects of it. The exhibition connects modern forms of visual communication with the archetypical historical artefacts like posters and logo’s. It is quite possible that today more fabric is printed than paper. Clothing has become an important means of expression; clothing represents the person who wears it and what he or she wishes to project and communicate. Graphic design plays a role in fashion right up to wearable technologies where clothing is used as interface for communication technology.

We no longer only see shop advertising, traffic signs and billboards as informative images; buildings, cars, high-speed trains, airports and clothing are now also objects of information. We live in an information society. In the past, our environment was made up of things; now it is made up of information. Objects in physical space can become a medium and assume a communicative significance.


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