Polish Gothic 2014

Friday, 14 March, 2014Wednesday, 30 April, 2014

Design gallery
BWA Wrocław
Świdnicka 2-4 street


A Polish fashion exhibition represented by Grzegorz Matląg (Maldoror),
oluhi, Paulina Plizga and Sylwia Rochala. The title of the exhibition is a
pretext to present and read individual projects (and entire collections)
through phenomena and influences from the domains of art, architecture, film
and literature. Also important for this perspective are interests focusing
around the fascinations with sombre elements of sci-fi, cyberpunk and techno

The Polish fashion that emerged after 1989 already took centre stage during
the Szafa Polska (Polish Wardrobe) collective exhibition (Dizajn – BWA
Wrocław, 2013). The next step is to create a more detailed description of
this area of design. Polish Gothic attempts to discover not only the
direction in which the native fashion design is going, but also the language
to describe it.

Particularly important for the presentation is the context of the gallery,
which deals with “broadened” design. As part of the Teraz Dizajn!
education programme created by Katarzyna Roj, the audience will have an
opportunity to participate in a discussion panel, workshops and special
presentations. For the first time the gallery worked together with Teatr
Polski in Wrocław, whose performance Mythologies will be the final event
accompanying the exhibition.

Several dozen fashion and costume projects, as well as archive materials:
photographs, videos, drawings and inspirations – prepared critically by the
curators and by the Witalis duet in terms of scenography – will be on show.


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