I am interested in much more that I am interested in giving them to know the mode not only like to dress, on having gone to an appointment with your boyfriend or girlfriend I to be interested in developing your profile of the point of view of the universe which we live through the mode to be ephemeral but the style to be forever which style is forever if the tailors change the styles or they them answer per years or decades …  well…

me interesa mucho mas que la moda me interesa darles a conocer no solo como vestir,al ir a una cita con tu novio o novia me interesa desarrollar tu perfil del punto de vista del universo el cual vivimos la moda es efimera pero el estilo es para siempre cual estilo es para siempre si los estilos los cambian los modistos o los replican por años o decadas…observen bien



Let’s observe this pretty print of the years gilded of hollywood the 50s, very prettily agreeably desirably before his look … I like truth … please give him a like!

The clothes are a part of our point of view and since we feel, since we want to be seen and projected in front of the company that we seek to be or to be a part…

la ropa es parte de nuestro punto de vista y como nos sentimos,como deseamos ser vistos y proyectados delante de la sociedad que buscamos estar o ser parte…

observemos este lindo estampado de los años dorado de hollywood los años 50,muy lindo agradable deseable ante su mirada…verdad me gusta…por favor dale un like!



Today in my opportunity of fashionable writer and international culture we will applaud silently the organizers of the fashion week of ukrania for that the events did not manage to diminish his mission to do the above mentioned event since it is necessary to to be a scene of art and message of hope the entire world does not concern if the principal actors die the function must continue let’s applaud all with pleasure and passion … brave … ukraine.

hoy en mi oportunidad de escritor de moda y cultura internacional aplaudire en silencio a los organizadores del fashion week de ukrania por que apesar de todo lograron hacer dicho evento como debe ser un escenario de arte y mensaje de esperanza al mundo entero no importa si los actores principales mueren la funcion debe continuar aplaudamos todos con gozo y pasion…bravo…ukraine..



Also I want to be grateful to them for all the designers who support me in announcing his events and launches in my blog wait that me escrivan any doubt or question or if details wish mas of algun information I am to his order to the facebook: ngio french

tambien deseo agradecerles a todos los diseñadores que me apoyan en anunciar sus eventos y lanzamientos en mi blog espero que me escrivan cualquier duda o interrogante o si desean mas detalles de algun dato estoy a su orden al facebook: ngio french

muchas gracias estoy siempre online de 15:00 hour -19:00 h LA TAM America

Thank you very much I am always online From Panama, we send happiness and our better smiles.




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