PABLO_HENRARD 2014 …amazing collection





This menswear collection is inspired by the darkness and the mystery of the untouched oceanic abyss. Starting in the dark we can see a progressive apparition of colorful elements revealed by a intense red and blue light beam, confronting the transparency in a black and white atmosphere.The abyss and the organic elements such as a mealström influenced the constructions of the garments They are in movements around the body, creating a circulation between the different layers of the silhouette. All the garments are asymmetrical. The notion of movement around the body creates an organic approach of the cut. The initial starting point was Captain Nemo, Jules Verne’s’ novel character from “Twenty thousand leagues under the sea”. I was fascinated by the duality of the character. Nemo is an elegant sailor captain with an extreme sensitivity and a rough behavior.



Pablo is based in Brussels


Belgium. He studied at La Cambre Ensav and graduated in 2013.

The notion of elegance, sensitivity and sensuality in the masculine wardrobe came out of that character.I choose to work on the official sailor uniform (sailor pants, tailored jackets, turtleneck sweatshirt, boots) and mix it with 50’s couture dresses. The shapes and the way they sublimate and reveal the body, brings out a very sophisticated approach of a man’s body.I mostly worked with wool fabrics that I fused with themselves or with technical fabrics to have a strange and heavy tailored aspect. The knitted fabrics add a more fluid and organic feeling to the silhouette. Like the mass of the ocean darkness and the slow movement of its light, a tailored uniform/suit for a man who assume his elegance, his sensuality without loosing his rough attitude and masculine posture.


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