Clara is based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at Middlesex University and graduated in 2013. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom.

Clara Martin is a London based Menswear designer currently in her final year at Middlesex University.
With her collections being heavily based on concept, Clara finds the method of experimentation a large focal point when designing. Fusing tailoring with inventive shape, knit with pattern and print with texture, Clara is often pushing boundaries set within menswear as a test for interesting results.
Her most recent project was based on the fusion between a simple childhood versus a child immersed in the internet generation. With a stark comparison between 3D elements and Sesame Street, unique knitting and panelling techniques have been pioneered in this collection. Her obsession with 3D branding and intarsia develops into pieces that give an interesting take on SS15.







Spring/Summer 2015 Collection influenced by the fusion of Sesame Street and the Internet Generation. Tieing in knitting techniques and textures, bold shapes and layers are created that form and contribute to the Clara Martin signature. Drawing from memories from her own childhood, this collection reflects the hybrid of a simple childhood versus one of the virtual realm through the metaphor of cookies and the Cookie Monster!

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